Q. Why should I support a charity/project in another country when there are so many people in need here at home?
A. Jamaica and other developing countries do not have the safety nets we have in the United States such as welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, unemployment benefits, and free public education, among others. Their governments cannot afford to provide social services, and local churches have very limited resources to assist the poor. The poor in these countries suffer from abject poverty, which often means living on less than $2/day. They also have little access to medical care or education and suffer far too many preventable deaths from malnutrition and water-borne illness.

Q. Why are you working with Food For The Poor instead of funding and building these projects on your own?
A. We chose to partner with Food For The Poor because they have established school and other construction programs in Jamaica and a proven track record of successes. Nearly 96 percent of every dollar raised through Food For The Poor goes directly to those in need.

Q. Once you have raised all of the money needed, how long does it take to build a school or complete other projects?
A. Start to finish, depending on weather and other circumstances, it can take up to six months to complete a school. Smaller projects are often completed within weeks of full funding being secured.

Q. Who builds each project?
A. All construction is completed by locally contracted construction crews.

Q. Are there any zoning issues involved that could hold up the process?
A. No. Food For The Poor secures donated land upon which to build schools.

Q. What about school supplies?
A. Operating expenses such as school supplies and teacher salaries are the school’s responsibility, and most schools are church and missionary sponsored. If you would like to contribute school supplies or help in any other way, please contact Kevin Carges.

Q. How many children typically attend schools like those you are helping?
A. There are usually anywhere from 25-40 students between ages 3-6 who attend "basic" schools such as Concord Sacred Heart Early Childhood Institute. Bensonton Primary School has more than 150 students at present, and has had up to 281. More children tend to go to school when the facilities are in better condition.

Q. Does Eight 4 World Hope receive a portion of each donation?
A. No. Every dollar raised by Eight 4 World Hope goes directly to Food For The Poor for the projects we are funding.

Q. How many teachers are assigned to a school?
A. Typically, each basic school has one principal (who also teaches) and two teachers. In addition, schools have a cook to prepare meals for the children.

Q. What percent of funds raised through Food For The Poor go directly to programs?
A. More than 96 percent of all donations go directly toward programs that help the poor.