Building Adequate Restroom/Sanitation Facilities for an
Impoverished School in Jamaica

For our second project, we chose to continue our work in the community of Concord, St. Ann, Jamaica, by building a new restroom/sanitation facility for the children and staff of Bensonton Primary School. The children who attend our first school, Concord Sacred Heart Early Childhood Institute, will eventually move on to this school. Bensonton had a 30-year-old outhouse/latrine that was barely more than a pit in the ground. Many of the children were reluctant to use it and that, in turn, led to health issues and school absences, among other concerns.

Would you like to see how important a new restroom really is to students who have always known a pit latrine? Click here to see one school's "Toilet Rap."

We did it!
The new facility, dedicated in early 2012, includes separate, private restrooms for boys and girls with toilets, urinals, and sinks. We were honored to once again work with Food For The Poor on this very important undertaking. As with our first project, this facility was constructed using local labor, helping other members of the community to improve their economic conditions and standard of living.

Once again, THANK YOU for helping us to give these children a more comfortable learning environment. Your support means the world to us – and them!